by Anu-Laura Tuttelberg
Puppet animation, 8’36, No dialogues
Shot in real nature, in the tropical rainforests of Mexico and Peru, this film captures the eternal dance of life and
death as experienced by magical creatures of porcelain - animals, birds, insects and flowers - fragile and resilient at
the same time. Time passes here in a strange way, moving in an unexpected pace. The unique combination of natural light, fast flowing time and subtle stop motion animation creates a unique poetic reality that makes us aware of the magic and materiality of our own living in this world.
Written and Directed by Anu-Laura Tuttelberg, Production Design by Anu-Laura Tuttelberg, DOP Rodrigo Pérez Alcocer, Anu-Laura Tuttelberg, Music by Maarja Nuut, Sound Design by Olga Bulygo, Produced by Andres Mänd, Daniel Irabien Peniche, Agnė Adomėnė.
Nukufilm - Estonia
Moon Birds Studios - Estonia
Estudio Carabás - Mexico
Art Shot - Lithuania
Estonian Film Institute
Cultural Endowment of Estonia
Lithuanian Film Centre
City of Palenque
Miyu Distribution
Best Film Project 2015, BALTIC PITCHING FORUM, Lithuania
Sound Award 2019, PARIS IAFF, France
Special Distinction Prize 2019, BIAF, South Korea 
Outstanding Work Award 2019, TIAF, Taiwan 
Jury's Special Award 2019, New Chitose Airport IAF, Japan
Special Mention 2019, SCANORAMA EFF, Lithuania
Honorable Mention 2019, Zubrofka SFF, Poland
Grand Prix 2019, Piccolo Festival Animazione, Italy
PREMIERE - ANIMAFEST Zagreb 2019 - Croatia, ANNECY IAFF 2019 - France, GUANAJUATO IFF 2019 - Mexico, MILANO FF 2019 - Italy, FANTOCHE IAFF 2019 - Swissland, LEEDS IFF 2019 - UK, LONDON IAFF 2019 - UK, ANIMATEKA IAFF 2019 - Slovenia, CLERMONT-FERRAND ISFF - France, ANIMA Brussels IAFF 2020 - Belgium