by Urtė Oettinger
2D, 12’30, Lithuanian, English Dialogues

Mikas the Bear lives only with his constantly-working mom Rita and has never seen his dad. Every day after school Mikas and his best friends – the energetic squirrel Sonata and the pessimist cat Gabriel – meet at the Milkshake Bar. One day at the bar the friends unexpectedly come across the photo of a bun-eating champion bear who looks an awful lot like Mikas. Perhaps that’s Mikas’ dad?

The friends begin organizing The Great Milkshake Bar Championship in hopes of finding the legendary champion – and perhaps even Mikas’ dad… Although the enigmatic bear from the photo never shows up at the championship, Mikas builds a closer, more sincere connection with his mom, and becomes the new Milkshake Bar champion.

Written by Agnė Adomėnė, Marija Kavtaradzė, Urtė Oettinger, Directed by Urtė Oettinger, Production Design by Urtė Oettinger, Music by Paulius Kilbauskas, Vygintas Kisevičius, Produced by Agnė Adomėnė.
Art Shot - Lithuania
Lithuanian Film Centre
West Danish Film Fund
Lithuanian Tax Incentive
PREMIERE - KINO PAVASARIS 2020 - Lithuanian, ANIBAR 2020 - Kosovo, LA GUARIMBA 2020 - Italy.